"I've been active in classical martial arts and self-defense for almost 40 years. I have studied and trained with a number of well-known, world-class martial artists. I can tell you firsthand that Doug is in a class of his own. His skills and his eagerness to test his skills against other top martial artists are what separates him from 99% of today's martial arts professionals. He possesses the uncanny ability to transfer his vast knowledge and solid self-defense skills to his students without years and years of unrealistic and time-killing exercises. I have personally witnessed new students develop the skill sets that would take a minimum of 5 to 8 years in one year! But most importantly, Doug is a great man who absolutely cares about his students and unselfishly gives of himself 100%, 24/7. Do not miss your chance to get to know him."  -Peter B

"I have know Doug since 2004 when I was rehabbing from knee surgery. He is extremely knowledgeable about muscle physiology. He can set up individual exercise programs geared to your needs. I am in need of a knee replacement which I have been able to put off indefinitely because of working out at Doug's gym."

-Joanne A


"I study Mixed Martial Arts with Doug.  It is amazing.  It helps me feel focused and empowered, it's great exercise and it's really fun!"

-Maria P


" 'To increase my lung capacity, improve my focus, and achieve better balance,” I said when Doug asked me to define my health goals. Increased mental stamina and physical strength, nutrition tips and weight loss, a toned physique and improved self-worth are the more than I bargained for and worth every penny gains I enjoy as a result of my personalized fitness regimen. Specially designed pre- and post-surgical workouts prepared me mentally and physically for various procedures and the recoveries that followed.' "
-Karen R

Doug is amazing! My son Max began training with him as an athletic activity. It is more successful then ever imagined. He learns whats important and safe when it comes to taking care of his body. He learned that is isn't how much he can lift or how hard he can kick. From a trusted source (Not his parents) he now thinks about the food he eats, the importance of sleep, respect for his body and others. He also learns real self defense. The best defense is to walk away. and if that doesn't work, he learns/ practices physical & tactical moves so he can defend himself and others. He learns never to use these moves unless he is in physical danger. He has self confidence in knowing he has these abilities and doesn't need to show them off. And in Doug he knows he has a trusted teacher, mentor and friend he can trust and share with.

Cheryl S.

"I met Doug when I began searching for someone to teach my very petite daughter self-defense skills before she went off to college.  He taught her how to leverage her flexibility to make up for her size and he taught her to spot dangerous situations and how to respond to them if she couldn't avoid them!"

-Lisa M